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Welcome into the world of Featuring Spaces! A long awaited platform and tool for decorators, artists and other visually inspired alike. Feel free to browse our site and discover new artists, artworks and find new inspiration for your projects or home.

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Browse through all our artworks, or use the menu-bar on the left to filter your search. Add artwork to your favorites by clicking the heart icon.

Browse artworks

Add artworks to collection

If you are working on several concepts or have several projects for different clients, you may want to create your own collections using the "+" icon.

Choose size and frame

When viewing artwork in context mode, select your preferred size and frame for your artwork.

Send collection for review

Done with your collection? Need approval from a colleague, or approval from your client? Send your collection for review or straight to production.

Format and framing options

  • Black frame (30mm)
  • Aluminum frame (30mm)
  • White frame (30mm)
  • Aluminum sandwich sheet with a 30mm back mount

All artworks are produced on a premium quality aluminum sandwich sheet with three different framing options. Formats ranging from 70 x 70 cm to 120 x 180 cm. Please contact us for all other formats, mediums and framing options. We offer a wide variety of choices, including original works.