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Art Aid was a Oslo-based designgroup in the 80´s formed by leading designers like Reidar Holtskog, Terje Børresen, Sven Skaara and Niels Ditlev. Art Aid was founded from the outset with a creative skunkworks approach to Norwegian design and illustration, with innovation and experimentation with form and visual expression, being the cornerstone of Art Aids design philosophy.

In the autumn of 1983, Art Aid produced a series of 3 exhibition-posters, designed by Reidar Holtskog and Niels Ditlev, in conjunction with the upcoming exposition of the Memphis Group at Galleri F-15 during the summer of 1984. It was exactly this kind of work that appealed to the spirit and creative thinking of Art Aid, who were naturally thrilled to be given the task of interpreting these posters in the same Memphis-Group creative language.

The posters achieved fame both nationally and internationally, through their ranking within the worlds 50 best posters published by Graphis in 1984. This poster-series is printed in several design-academic publications and can be found in several collections the world over, and were the only posters to be exhibited by the Memphis Group in their Milano shop.

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