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Cecilie Barstad

Designer / Illustrator

Gilles & Cecilie Studio, London.

Founded in 2006 by Gilles Jourdan (b.1975) and Cecilie Maurud Barstad (b. 1977)

Quoting Sir Paul Smith: Inspiration is Everywhere.
Gilles & Cecilie Studio is multi-disciplinary creative team providing illustration, interior, installation and wallpainting.
Met at Central Saint Martins while studying Graphic Design.
At the moment working on developing prints and objects exploring new shapes, compositions and colours.
The last year Gilles & Cecilie has also expanded their practice to creating objects in casted materials, like drawing in three dimensions. Their collection Nomad was selected to be part of Everything Is Connected exhibition in Milan 2017. Currently exploring botanical structures and urban systems.
We’re excited to be part of Featuring Spaces and are available for special commissioned projects
for outdoor and indoor spaces. A print collection is coming up later this autumn.
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