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Kristine Holmen Tonay

Designer / Illustrator

Holmen Tonay, born in 1979 and located in Oslo Norway, has a five year design education from Academy of Art University, San Francisco. She has experience from design agencies, the fashion industry and retail. Currently she works as a graphic designer within the fashion industry. Art is her biggest passion, and she has always expressed herself through art and worked with different mediums since she started her design education.She has held several exhibitions in Norway the past decade.

Holmen Tonay has lived abroad for many years, including San Francisco and Hong Kong. Traveling to vibrant cities and countries with beautiful scenery has inpired and given new impulses. She also draw inspiration from the world of images – both online and magazines.

She has a love for photography and designing! Her work is a mix of different pictures/images which she combines digitally to create new images. Fashion, which is often used in her art, is an element that really describes her as an artist. The result is a young, fresh and colorful expression.

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Pink Lady II

5 800 kr - 11 900 kr


5 800 kr - 11 900 kr


5 800 kr - 11 900 kr