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Elmer Laahne


Elmer Laahne was born in 1969 in Norway, he works as a freelance stills photographer creating images for organizations, corporations and book publishers. He works extensively with his own photographic projects.

By profession he is a  film cinematographer. Since his early youth he has photographed, landscapes people,and objects. His inspiration comes from the love of nature and the pioneering landscape photographers such as Ansel Adams and Edward Weston. Hyperrealism and also surrealism, shape his other artistic creations, by combing many layers and photos into one image, sometimes building and painting props to merge them into the final image. To tell a story, subtly.

He has received national and international awards for his photo work. Laahne first photo exhibition was held in the Tatler building, Oslo, May to August 2004 , in conjunction with the release of the book “The Forgotten People»

Laahnes latest photo exibition, “Fotografier”, was held at Gallery Glayground, in the city of Tønsberg, Norway, throughout the month of September 2014.

He has illustrated the books,”The Forgotten People – a journey through Burma’s frontier” (author Carsten Jensen , publisher Press/Aschehoug Denmark, 2004), and “Heaven and earth.” (Press Publishing, Oslo, 2006). 

Elmer Laahne also portrayed the leading Norwegian neuro scientists for the exhibition, and the book “Mind Gap” in 2012 , for the Norwegian Technical Museum. Amongst them, the winner of The 2014 Nobel Prize in Medicine, May-Britt Moser.

Elmer Laahne has 27 years of experience  as a professional photographer. On behalf of national and international employers, he has traveled to more than 80 countries, covering a wide range of topics, among them war, famine and general conflicts. And created a large number of documentaries , features, and magazine contributions.

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