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Marcel Lelienhof


Marcel Leliënhof, born 1966 in Rotterdam, has a master degree in photography and advertising from The London College of Print. Marcel started as a street photographer in London, and his documentation of the city ́s subcultures in the 80 ́s and 90 ́s are widely known for it ́s charm and over-all unexpectancy. Marcel has extensive experience in a wide range of genres, and is described by his collegues as ”the photo chamelion par exellance”.


He always manages to pinpoint and execute on his clients references – resulting in a rich diversity of expressions – for agencies such as Dinamo, DDB, McCann and Kitchen. Marcel ́s documentary work are published in numerous magazines and books. His latest project, titled ”Helvetes Engler”, is in fact the first documentation from inside the controversial chapters of Hells Angels Norway.

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