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Øysten Glenne Kristiansen


Øysten Glenne Kristiansen is a norwegian photographer with background from analog photography and traditional darkroom work.

Today I’m still partially analog, using Hasselblad mediumformat and Leica M6 with both colour and monochromefilms for my recordings. These are chemically developed and are then scanned to high-resolution files ready for digital printing or (only black-and white ) finished chemically in my traditional analogue darkroom as smaller silver gelatin prints. I am a fan of traditional film and its features, because in my opinion it can add to the finished image a certain kind of materiality and depth that differs from the modern digital print. However, during recent years i have also brought with me a Fujifilm XE3 to use on short trips, travelling and when i need to see the result quickly.. As a photographer i am often drawn to night photography and breaks between light and dark. I have a great fascination to the coastal landscape and the unique form and light scenes that you may experience there. Many of my motifs are captured in such surroundings, especially as mentioned under dim light conditions and at night time. I often think of being able to recreate something exciting of basically ordinary motives. Being a photographer often means being in an active process with my own feelings, ideas and knowledge aimed at creating something that may be interesting in the eyes of others.

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18 artworks
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Coastal Landscape

15 000 kr

Coastal Sculpture

18 000 kr

Highlander I

5 800 kr - 11 900 kr

Highlander II

5 800 kr - 11 900 kr