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Designer / Illustrator
Wallstories is an Oslo-based collective of designers who offers a minimalistic take on some of the most iconic places and buildings in Norway.
Wallstories’ harmonic compositions and simplistic approach seeks to underline the expressiveness of the buildings, architecture, nature and scenery that are portrayed.

The idea behind Wallstories was born out of the curious fact that thousands of Norwegian homes are decorated with black and white prints of New York, London and Paris. Why not hang your local history on the wall? Unnecessary visual elements are removed to accentuate the lines and shapes that makes the motive iconic.

Over the last year Wallstories has portrayed nearly 100 places in Norway with clean lines and compositions, often with lively yet harmonic colours. Together with each print there’s a story about the place that is illustrated.

Wallstories also make limited editions and custom illustrations on demand.

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